Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Evil Jog

So I've posted about the evilness of the jog a couple times before, and when I asked, I was directed to a couple of sites that explained how to avoid it. So for the next few stripes, I followed those directions. However, the evilness was still there. While I was pondering over this new development, like the idiot I am, I continued to do it, and the jog was even more noticeable. Then someone on craftster mentioned the jog briefly, and I'm like 'Oh, I should look that up to see if I can find any alternate ways of doing it'.

I google it. And what do I find? I go to Knitty, and guess who has been doing the jog all wrong?

That's right, me. Me me me me me.

Instead of lifting lifting the stitch below the one on the needle in the beginning of the round AFTER I've knit a round of the new color, I did it before. BEFORE. Meaning, in the case of my Slytherin Scarf, that before i knit a round of the silver I'd bring a stitch of the green up to another stitch of the green. And guess what? Now there are holes. Nice, little, yo alike in appearance, holes. Luckily, I'm pretty sure it won't show up once I block it, and use where the seam/start of the round is as one of the creases. That's the good news. But there stil are holes.

Sometimes, I am my own worst enemy. Actually, that's how it usually is. Hopefully I won't be so idiotic next time something like this happens, and actually LOOK IT UP IF IT DOESN'T LOOK LIKE IT'S SUPPOSED TO!

That is my moral of the day. Or maybe even the week.


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