Saturday, January 28, 2006

Conclusion and knitting update

So, I've come to the conclusion that I'm not going to be happy with the blogger template until I actually learn the coding blogger uses, (not just HTML, by the way), and create my own. As that's going to be an involved process that I don't have time to do right now, this template is going to have to suffice. I am making myself not change it, after this very last change, as the frequent changes are even annoying me.

So, knitting. I'm still working on my Slytherin Scarf, and it's almost half done. That's right, half. I've been neglecting it in favor of the afghan I started. Earlier this week I bought two really good afghan pattern books, for knitting of course, as I can't crochet worth a damn. And this pattern was so pretty that I just knew I had to make it. So what do I do, pauper that I am? I splurged. I bought the cheapest yarn I could find (ie. Red Heart [as little as possible, of course, as I have a large aversion to that brand], Lamb's Pride, and anything else that was under $3.50 a skein in the colors I wanted). As it's an afghan, I bought about 9 skeins.

The afghan's striped, so I should have some of the colors left over when I'm done. I only bought two skeins of white, even though I'm going to use at least 4. Dye lot shouldn't matter too much on that though, so I don't need to worry about it. They count the repeats as every one mc, one cc, one mc, one cc, and if I go by their definition, I have almost six repeats done.

I've done nothing on my Branching Out scarf, it's still not even 4 inches done. I've been concentrating on my Slytherin scarf and my afghan.

However, I did start and complete a cabled handwarmer. It's my first cable project, and the cables turned out really well. However, I have wide hands, and I didn't like the way the cables stretched across the back of my hand. So improvised, and added an extra section to the pattern. Unfortunately, I added too much, and as a result it's too loose. I may end up not using this one, and make two other ones that fit.

My mom and I made a fleece blanket for my bed. The middle part, the horses on a blue background, was the fleece she had bought originally to give me for Christmas. This is what we usually do, like a couple of years ago I got this fleece, its basically just a sheet of fleece, we don't quilt it/put backing on it/bind it or anything. However, this time I wanted a heavier blanket. So I bought black fleece to put sew onto the blue, about 8 inches on both of the sides with the horses, as well as to use for the underside of the blanket. Then I put backing in between the top and bottom layer of fleece, then my mom quilted it and put binding on it. And voila! I have a new blanket. I am definitely taking it with me to college.


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