Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Ipod and knitting needles

I really need to buy some more knitting needles. I have one pair, size eight. I'm working on two projects = DOES NOT WORK! Actually, it does because I have a small dowel I'm using to keep the loops of one project on while I work on the other, but it gets very old very quickly. I think I'll try some bamboo needles next, the ones I have right now are plastic, and I want to try several different types.

I bought an ipod! I bought it used from a woman who lives in Seattle. She was updating to a 60 GB. I found it on Craigs list and got a very good price. So now I have an ipod! I'm finally with the times. lol.

Usually, I'm the one to get technology WAY before anyone else; I was one of the first if not the first, person to get an mp3/cd player in high school. But ipods were so expensive I wanted to wait until I could buy a used one for a good price. And now I could!

There's still snow at my house. SNOW! Crispy and crunchy snow, but still snow!


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