Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I found a bunch of embroidery thread at Goodwill. I completely lucked out. Do you ever have that feeling that there's yarn/other crafty goodness in a store? Sometimes I get those feelings, and it's fantastic! It's my yarn sense.

I was wandering through Goodwill when I saw a large chocolates tin with a rubberband around it. Hmm.. what could this be?

Floss. Lots of floss.

The minute I got home I started sorting it out by color. I had lots of colors.

I love getting crafty supplies from other people because it forces you out of your color zones. I'm not usually a pink person. But whomever donated these to Goodwill had a great range of pinks. They had some great browns too.

There were over 130 skeins of floss. I wound them all onto bobbins. I love bobbins as an organizational system, it's fantastic. You can see all your colors immediately, and don't have to worry about them tangling.

Some were doubles, which I put back in the tin for later use.


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