Saturday, December 18, 2010

A better look for my blog

You may have noticed that the blog has gotten a bit of a facelift. It was long overdue for an update. I've been meaning to code my own blogger template for a very long time, but unfortunately I'm just too busy right now to do so.

This is my compromise. An all new look, without the hours spent coding and making graphics. I've decided to start working on the graphics and gradually integrate them into the current theme. Or more accurately, overriding the current theme. By the time I'm done this blog will be a lot less blogger and a lot more web designery me. By the time it no longer looks like blogger it should be easy to whip up a template for it. We'll see. The background is done, the navigation is done (exceot for a display issue in IE), and the header is well on it's way. It just might take a little while before I can draw the graphic I'm envisioning. In the meantime, I put up the current header as a placeholder.


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