Wednesday, September 08, 2010


I've decided this year I'm going to knit some toys for charity. I have not yet found a charity, although my mother has one she likes. She's going to sew some toys and I will be knitting mine. I have a variety of animals and dolls in mind. My first toy is Emily, by Jean Greenhowe.

Please excuse the Ravelry links, I'm too exhausted to take photos. I spent the last three hours going through my craft closet and reorganizing all my yarn, works in progress and needles. Somehow all my knitpicks interchangable needles have gone MIA. The amount of needles MIA has become so drastic that I needed to do an inventory of all the needles I own. They're sitting in a pile on the floor right now, and I don't have the exact numbers yet. The damage is high though, I can tell that already. Not good. Is there a needle monster that eats all my needles?

I worked a bit on Emily today. Her hair is now sewn to her head, complete with part, so it no longer looks like a bowl cut. I finished knitting her second leg, sewed in all the ends, and seamed it together. It just needs to be stuffed, the top stitched together, then stitched onto her body.


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