Saturday, December 13, 2008

Penguin Pajama Pants

I started these Thursday night and finished sewing them last night. (I got my wisdom teeth out yesterday morning, so that took up most of the day. However, I have discovered that I'm very productive/crafty when I'm on Vicodin.) All I need to do is add elastic and I'm also going to put in a drawstring on top of that, like my favorite pair of pajama pants I bought at Costco a long time ago. Of course, since I'm heavily medicated I can't drive, so unfortunately I can't finish my pants up until Monday.

This is the first garment of clothing I've ever sewn, and I'm very pleased with how it came out. I used It's So Easy 3548 by Simplicity. However, even though I made a large, meant for a waist of (32-34) it was absolutely huge! So I did what I always do, and improvised. I cut down over two inches from each side of the waist, and tapered that decrease down through the hips and legs.
Closeup of fabric:


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