Thursday, July 02, 2009

Update: Beading

I've been doing a little bit of beading. I've discovered I'm very allergic to nickel, so certain types of beading is on hold until I can afford to buy some surgical steel wire. I love to make earrings, and I'm starting to play with wrapping wire and making other designs out of wire, but I need to have wire that won't give me an allergic reaction. So I've been working on the more traditional stringing beading. I'm making this now. Pictured at left, it's a netted necklace. Each diamond is held in shape by the pressure of the diamond next to it, so I think if I make this again (and I probably will, it's a great pattern) I'll use beading wire rather than a string like nemo. It would be nice to have a string that held it's shape a bit better.

I also started and finished a daisy chain. There are multiple variations of the daisy chain pattern, some more complex than others.
This is my favorite version. The only other one that I've seen that I like is where there are two beads of a background or neutral color in between each of the flowers. Usually it's black. That will be in my next version. This was quick and easy to make, although I may end up undoing the end and adding about 4 beads to the clasp. It's a choker, but it's a bit too snug. I really like the ball clasp I made; I've seen these used before, but I've never made one. They're very handy.


Anonymous said...

These are really beautiful, Sarah. I hope you have a safe place to keep all the tempting beads and yards away from little Alice! :)

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